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Neil Patel

Neil Patel

Entrepreneur, Investor, and Analytics Expert Behind KISSmetrics & Crazy Egg

American Apparel

Clothing Retailer Increases ROI by 400% with Facebook Retargeting

"ROI was off the charts – we made a ton of money!"

Milt Deherrera
Web Marketing Manager


Design Platform Gets a 134% Boost in Incremental Revenue

"It's rare that you work with a third party that you can trust and have your best interest in mind."

JoAnne Hart
Marketing Manager


Clothing Retailer Increases ROI by 400% with Facebook Retargeting

"SharpSpring Ads being so responsible allows me to be more responsible to my team."

Laura Oppenheimer
Marketing Manager

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How about 8-10x ROI? Plus an average click-through rate increase of 22%, and an average cost decrease of 31%! Simply put, SharpSpring Ads retargeting is the most effective advertising channel you can use.

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Take 15 minutes. One-time. Load in your ads, create your campaign, and our system starts to learn, fast. And we'll build your SharpSpring Ads. Enjoy free unlimited support and hands-on help from our support team.

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Reach Google, Facebook, Instagram PLUS tens of thousands of additional publishers from one single platform. No more windows filling up your screen. Finally, get attribution consolidated from every channel into a single dashboard. 

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Why would you keep advertising to new customers when you could reach people who are already familiar with you? SharpSpring Ads retargeting is an effective bottom of the funnel channel optimization.

How SharpSpring Ads works.

Recover the 98% of visitors that you are losing by automatically following them on any device, at any time, on any site.

Advertise to Your Lost Customers Across 13 billion+ Daily Ad Impressions
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Your Ads Reach Visitors Across Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet - Anywhere They Are
​Securely Share Your Retargeting Visitors Lists with Partners Sites to Share Retargeting Traffic
​Proactive Customer Support Experts Can Hand-Hold You Through Any Help You Need

Your frequently asked questions.

How Much Does SharpSpring Ads Cost?

No set up fee. Sign up for free today and receive a $100 ad spend credit. Set your own campaign budgets and spend as much or as little as you like!

We charge on a CPM basis and all campaigns are prepaid for self-service customers.

When you launch a new campaign, you'll be charged the amount you set for your campaign budget. From then on, we will bill every following Monday to refill your campaign's budget. With our CPM billing, we add a small margin on there for our service, and then charge you for the total.

Remember: the first $100 spent is on us for all new users, so you can see the ROI firsthand before investing more. Your cost will vary depending on the vertical and competition.

What is SharpSpring Ads?

SharpSpring Ads is a retargeting platform that lets marketers effortlessly bring back lost web visitors with ads on Facebook, banner ads across the web, and ads on Twitter. We help great companies get more sales and conversions by using their audience data to target ads with pinpoint precision.

How does Web/Display retargeting work?

Web retargeting on SharpSpring Ads is when we serve your banner ads to your website visitors on mainstream news sites like Yahoo and CNN, top blogs, and even YouTube. We do this by running your ads across ad networks like Google Display Network, OpenX, Pubmatic, and many more. You can retarget across all of these networks with just one campaign.

With web retargeting, a business adds our site tracking tag to their own web site code. This tag is completely invisible to visitors but places a unique "cookie" in their browser that lets the user be anonymously identified as having visited your web site. The users cookied in this way make up what we call an Audience.

Once you've created an Audience, you can use SharpSpring Ads to serve banner ads to people in those lists across more than 100,000 websites that work with us including all sites in the Google, Microsoft, OpenX, and Rubicon Project networks. When your users see these ads, they are reminded about your goods and services and can click to sign up or convert in some way.

How does SharpSpring Ads compare to direct Facebook or Google remarketing?

One difference is the lack of transparency into what sites your ads appear on. SharpSpring Ads' reporting lets you see top domains your ads are served on and how those ads performed there. With this information you can create "blacklists" and "whitelists" to customize and level up your campaigns to achieve truly outstanding ROI.

Another key difference is focus. Google makes almost all its money from search and is focused there. Google Remarketing is a bit of an afterthought, product-wise. With SharpSpring Ads, you have a partner that's 100% focused on providing the best retargeting experience possible.

Using Google Remarketing often requires you to add a static, "dumb" pixel to your site that has to be updated or replaced from time to time. With SharpSpring Ads, we provide a single "Perfect Pixel" that never needs to be replaced or swapped out and which can be used to create as many retargeting lists and conversions as you like. We make it easy to segment your visitors in several different useful ways so you can reach exactly who you want to reach.

Most importantly, SharpSpring Ads offers affordable support and solutions from real humans. With Google Remarketing, you're not going to get any actual human support unless you're a big spender. We'll even start you off with a $100 ad spend on us.

Which websites will display my ads?

SharpSpring Ads partners with several different ad networks and ad exchanges to pull together all the best advertising inventory on the web into one big ad network for your campaigns. Our network includes Google's Doubleclick inventory as well as the other top exchanges like OpenX, Pubmatic, and many more. More than 100,000 websites participate in these networks all over the world.

Many of the biggest sites on the web work with one of our ad network or exchange partners, which makes them accessible to your advertising. Everything from the mainstream news sites like CNN, Fox News, The Guardian, to mega-blogs like Bleacher Report to niche "mommy" and entertainment blogs. If a site is running ads from a top network, they're in our network and your ads can appear there. We'll even show you the top 100 domains where your ads appear and how they're performing.

What Kind of Sites Can Use SharpSpring Ads?

SharpSpring Ads works great for online businesses of all shapes and sizes. That said, you will need a good amount of traffic coming to your website. We recommend advertisers whose sites get less than 1,000 visitors a month invest in driving more traffic to their site in addition to retargeting. 

How long does it take for SharpSpring Ads to begin working for me?

Normally it takes a little while to build your retargeting audience. However, using SharpSpring Ads' proprietary Smart Audience you can begin to serve ads immediately. As your retargeting audience builds, those users are added to your targeted audiences. If you have any questions, write to us at

Remember: our Customer Success Managers are happy to help at anytime. You can reach out in the chat bubble at the bottom right corner of the any page once you log into your free account.

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No Cost, No Contracts. Get Started Now & Get FREE On-boarding Help

Please Provide Your Email and Website to Create a Free Account

100% Free to try plus $100 Ad Credit on us!


No Cost, No Contracts. Get Started Now & Get FREE On-boarding Help

Please Provide Your Email and Website to Create a Free Account

100% Free to try plus $100 Ad Credit on us!


No Cost, No Contracts. Get Started Now & Get FREE On-boarding Help

Please Provide Your Email and Website to Create a Free Account

100% Free to try plus $100 Ad Credit on us!