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Invite-Only Retargeting Optimization Program

Run a test campaign for free on our ad dollar in our A.I. Lab to see how machine learning can increase your conversions and lower your cost per acquisition.

How the Free Test Campaign Works

We'll provide $500 in ad credits so there's no cost to you, plus you get a dedicated account strategy manager that will work alongside you to plan campaigns and drive results.

Easy Set-up – We’ll handle everything including the tracking pixel, building audience segments, and setting up conversion goals.
Data-driven – Your $500 ad credit will give us 2-4 weeks of data to see if it works for you.  
Review Results – Before you spend any of your own budget, we’ll review the results with you.

How Are We Different From AdRoll or Criteo?

Personalized Machine-learning Algorithm

We tune the algorithm to your unique business, then the artificial intelligence will constantly rotate thousands of combinations of variables and cut out what isn't working.

Dedicated Account Manager

You’ll have a name, face, email and phone number. They will set up your test campaign, monitor performance, help you plan campaigns, and optimize the algorithm.

Meet Your Account Manager

If you decide to try a test campaign, your account manager will likely be Jalali Hartman or Sunil Alvarez. Get to know them in this video that explains the A.I. Lab program in a little more detail. 

What is machine learning?
What industries are currently using A.I. most efficiently?
How to apply artificial intelligence to your campaigns?
How A.I. will navigate the “cookiepocalypse”?

The Test Campaign and Beyond

The program doesn’t work for everyone, that’s why we give you the $500 credit so that you can make a data-driven decision. If it does work, below are the next steps we take to maximize your revenue growth.


Systematically train the algorithm to hit your targets.


Grow your audience with social media and mobile retargeting.


Target new audiences based on your ideal customer profile.

All Your Questions Answered

What does my dedicated account manager do?

Your account manager will set up the entire test campaign for you including the tracking pixel, your conversion goals, creatives, and audience segments so that when you have the first onboarding call you are ready to launch there and then. Plus, they will walk you through your account and show you how everything works.

You won’t have to rely on a generic customer service line as you will have your account manager’s direct contact information including email and phone number.

After the test campaign they will review the results with you so that you can make a data-driven decision on whether to move forward funding the account yourself.

They will continue to help you plan campaigns, monitor your account performance, and provide recommendations on how to improve ROI.

One very important role of your account manager is to analyze your campaign data for trends and insights that the algorithm can’t see and make tweaks to the algorithm to optimize it for your specific business case.

What is retargeting?

When a person visits your website and leaves without making a purchase or signing up, retargeting allows you to keep your brand in front of them with display ads as they browse the internet and visit sites like Facebook, CNN, Fox, or Weather Channel.

You can find more detail here.

96% of your website visitors leave your site without converting, and retargeting gives you a second chance to convert them into customers.

Retargeting is part of a well-rounded digital marketing strategy because it makes that ad budget you are spending on channels like PPC go farther and work harder for you.

You’re also spending advertising budget on people who have shown recent interest in your product. That's why consumers are 70% more likely to convert with retargeting. 

How is the A.I. Lab different from SharpSpring Ads?

SharpSpring Ads is a retargeting platform that enables you to bring all your retargeting advertising together into one application. So you can manage your Google and Facebook retargeting in one place, as well as the other 45% of the web.

The A.I. Lab is currently an invite-only program within SharpSpring Ads that gives you access to two things:

  1. A dedicated account strategy manager who will com alongside you to set up your free test campaign, plan the strategy of future campaigns, monitor you performance, and troubleshoot any issues you may have. You will get a name, face, email, and phone number.
  2. Our "personalized" machine-learning algorithm that is constantly optimizing your campaigns for you and cutting out what isn't working. We call it personalized because the other major responsibility of your account manager is to tune and customize the algorithm to your unique business it's not a one-size-fits-all type of approach.

How much does it cost?

The test campaign is 100% free with your $500 credit, and after the credit is spent, your account manager will meet with you to discuss the results, show you all the data, and see what your return was for the free ad credits.

If it's working and you are seeing a good return on ad spend, then it's your decision to start funding the account yourself, and you can set a budget that makes sense and only increase it if you're seeing the return.

There are no subscription or account fees. You're just paying for impressions or CPM (cost per thousand impressions). During your test campaign, you'll be able to see exactly what your ongoing CPM will be so you can budget accordingly.

How are you different from Google's Digital & Video 360? 

  • You get a dedicated account manager (see more in FAQ #1).
  • Google's video and display network is the largest representing 31% of the available inventory. SharpSpring Ads taps into Google's network, but also the remaining 69% of the web on ad networks such as Facebook, Xandr, Pubmatic, OpenX, and 200+ more leading exchanges...all under one dashboard and application.
  • Our platform is inventory agnostic, meaning you can spend budget on websites that drive results.
  • We take a different approach to machine-learning. With Display & Video 360, you will get a one-size-fits-all algorithm. In SharpSpring's A.I. Lab we customize and tune the algorithm's settings to your unique business case and performance goals.

What if I already use Google and Facebook to retarget?

Google and Facebook are excellent ad networks, but they only cover 54% of the available inventory on the internet. With SharpSpring Ads, you can increase your reach to 95% of the internet because we serve ads to Google & Facebook as well as most other ad networks including Appnexus, Criteo, District M, Pubmatic, Rubicon, Triplelift, OpenX and more.

Also, our platform is inventory agnostic, meaning we’re going to only serve ads to the websites that drive results. Whereas Google owns their own inventory and will sell the inventory that makes the most money, not necessarily what makes you the most money.

What if I have an agency that does retargeting for me?

The test campaign is completely free and we can work directly with your agency contact to test out our platform with the $500 ad credit to see if it works better than what they are currently using. If it works, it’s just another tool in their toolbox to drive results for you.

How does this work for agencies?

We have many agencies that use SharpSpring Ads to manage the retargeting services they provide to their clients. If you’re an agency looking to take advantage of the $500 test campaign for the A.I. Lab, we recommend choosing one of your clients to run the test campaign with, then if you see results, roll it out to all your other clients.

You will have the ability to manage all your clients’ web, mobile, and social retargeting campaigns from one dashboard, specialized training and support, and an easy-to-use reporting tool.

You can also share limited access to the platform with your clients so that they can monitor performance. Plus, you can set up recurring reports to be emailed to you daily, weekly, or monthly around the KPIs that are the most important to you and your client.

We will give you a distinct tracking pixel for each client so that that your retargeting campaigns stay separate and organized.

How does this work for publishers?

Our retargeting platform enables publishers to sell larger ad packages to their advertisers. We give publishers the ability to place advertiser ads in front of your specific audience after they leave your website as they navigate the internet.

So, after a reader leaves and visit sites like CNN, Fox, or Weather Channel, we can serve them display ads from your advertisers.

This allows your advertisers to have their brand in front of your audience even after they leave your website, and it enables you to sell more ad space without the need to show more ads on your site.

You can sell ad packages based on CPM (cost per thousand impressions) where we’ll lock in a low rate for you, or you can sell ad packages at a flat rate for a certain period of time. We’re flexible.

You will get:

  • A multi-tenant roll-up dashboard so you can see all advertisers in one place, and track their spend, clicks, and impressions.
  • Full control over duration of the campaign and frequency of display.
  • You also have the ability to sell premium packages at higher rates based on targeted audience segments.

How does this work for ecommerce sites?

Ecommerce sites are perfect for the A.I. Lab program because our algorithm works most effectively with high volume transactional websites as the more data it consumes, the smarter it will be.

We also integrate directly with Shopify, BigCommerce, and Google Merchant Center. This allows you to run highly relevant dynamic ads that show your visitors the last product(s) they viewed before leaving your site without purchasing, and gets them to come back for a second chance at conversion.

How does this work for lead generation?

Retargeting is great for solving the problem of low lead capture rates and studies show that it can increase conversion rates by as much as 147%. comScore research reported a 1046% increase in branded search and a 726% lift in site visitation after just four weeks of retargeted ad exposure.

So for every person who visits your demo page, e-book download page, or subscription trial sign-up page and leaves without providing their email, you can keep your brand and offer in front of them as they navigate the internet.

Can I do a test campaign with my other retargeting campaigns running?

Yes, it would be equivalent to just increasing your current budget by $150/week for a few weeks. There is an almost infinite amount of inventory space out there, so there should be no problem serving ads on two platforms during the test campaign.

The tracking pixels should not interfere with each other, especially if you are using tools such as Google Tag Manager, Shopify, BigCommerce, or WordPress.

However, as a long-term solution, we recommend only running ads from one platform.

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