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The AI Lab: Real, Actionable Advertising Insights

Founded in 2019 by advertising and technology executives as an inhouse R&D Lab for SharpSpring Ads, the AI Lab has one goal: To use automation and intelligence to drive more traffic and conversions for SharpSpring Ads advertisers.

Expert analysis of key advertising metrics to optimize conversion and decrease costs.

Access to beta features and special pilot programs.

Machine Learning analysis to identify key metrics. 

Are you already retargeting with Google or Facebook?

That's great, but did you know they only reach HALF of your potential audience. Instantly double the number of customers you can reach.

Visitors to your site are your most valued data.

Think about it. Your visitors are already interested in you. They've come to your site and had a good experience. Now, get a second or third chance to get in front of them with your ads. Always be in front of your potential customer.

2-3x better than standard display ads.

It makes sense. Why would you keep advertising to new customers when you could reach people who are already familiar with you? Retargeting is effective bottom of the funnel channel optimization.

One platform to rule them all.

Reach Google, Facebook, Instagram PLUS tens of thousands of publishers from one single platform. No more windows filling up your screen. Attribution consolidated from every channel into a single dashboard.

Easy, intelligent and automated.

We know. One more thing to set-up. But think of it this way. Take 15 minutes. One time. Load in your ads, create your campaign, and our system starts to learn, fast. And we'll build your perfect audience.

We all want ROI.

How about 8-10x ROI? Simply put, retargeting is the most effective advertising channel you can use.

Reach customers who have already seen your website as they browse their favorite apps and sites.

One Powerful Platform. Google, Facebook, Instagram and Targeted Websites

American Apparel

Clothing Retailer Increases ROI by 400% with Facebook Retargeting

"ROI was off the charts – we made a ton of money!"

Milt Deherrera
Web Marketing Manager


Design Platform Gets a 134% Boost in Incremental Revenue

"It's rare that you work with a third party that you can trust and have your best interest in mind."

JoAnne Hart
Marketing Manager


Clothing Retailer Increases ROI by 400% with Facebook Retargeting

"SharpSpring Ads being so responsible allows me to be more responsible to my team."

Laura Oppenheimer
Marketing Manager

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